How Engineering Protects Quarry Park

Remington's extensive flood protection program protected the community during the province's worst flooding on record.

The 2013 floods in southern Alberta are the worst natural disaster in the province’s history. To the thousands impacted we offer our sincerest condolences. And to those rethinking a move to a riverside community in Calgary we offer this reassurance: Quarry Park did not flood. Despite backing onto the largest river in the city during the most destructive flood in history, the entire community remained intact. Some may chalk this up to luck but we know exactly why the community and its residents stayed dry. And we have the Dutch to thank for it.

Quarry Park is similar to what’s known as a polder; these are low-lying areas that are either reclaimed from a body of water or surrounded by water to some degree. You’ll find many polders in the Netherlands and other seaside countries. While Quarry Park’s risk profile is much less severe than a country that’s partially below sea-level, as the Netherlands is, the same basic principals of flood prevention apply to our community. That’s why our engineers studied polders extensively when planning Quarry Park.

Quarry Park is designed to withstand a one-in-100 year flood event – a measurement used by experts to design a community past the reach of extreme flood conditions with a one per cent probability of occurring in a given year. We’re very proud to say those measures kept the river at bay and our community safe from disaster:

  • Insulated, reinforced and landscaped rip rap berm built at one metre above one-in-100 year flood level
  • Stormwater lift station to discharge rainwater into the Bow River
  • Overland canals to divert and filter water

Residents, tenants and guests can be assured that Remington has taken every reasonable precaution to preserve and protect Quarry Park – both today and for the
next 100 years. If you have specific questions about Quarry Park’s flood protection program, or any other features that make Quarry Park unique, we invite you to contact us today.

For more on this topic, read the Calgary Herald’s article on Quarry Park’s flood mitigation program.