Spring Has Sprung!

As we all know, spring has arrived early in Calgary. What a great time to test out the many pathways and trails throughout Quarry Park including Quarry Park’s nature reserve along the Bow River. While you’re out, stop by our Presentation Gallery and learn more about residential offerings in The Gates or Champagne. Penthouse units are still available in Champagne, with amazing views of Quarry Park’s nature reserve, pathways and architecture. Stop by and say hi!



New Recreation Facility in Quarry Park Announced

A healthy and active lifestyle is easy to maintain in Quarry Park, and the announcement of the upcoming Recreation Facility adds to the plethora of amenities available in our community. Operated by the YMCA, this 95,000 square foot building will feature a fitness centre, running track, a gymnasium and two pools for sports and leisure. The centre will also be home to a public library as well as daycare services, making it a hub for cultural and leisure activity. Not only is Quarry Park home to over 10 kilometers of paved biking and running paths, but the addition of the Recreation Facility will guarantee access to fitness amenities even on the coldest winter days.

Quarry Park Child Development Centre

Quarry Park will soon be home to Canada’s largest privately funded childcare facility, the Quarry Park Child Development Centre. With capacity for approximately 350 children, YMCA Calgary will operate this purpose-built facility which combines functional and attractive architecture to create an environment for successful child development.

The Centre will be well equipped to provide an exemplary opportunity for children from 12 months to 6 years of age. An on-site kitchen will be staffed daily to provide nutritious snacks and daily lunches to children, along with a separate learning kitchen to allow for hands-on nutrition education.

The Centre is being divided into six pods to ensure personal care and attention is promoted. Each pod is equipped with a supervisor, team lead and primary caregivers who will be highly accredited and dedicated to the development of children. The idea is that children stay within the same pods each year, providing a consistent environment that promotes and facilitates quality early learning experiences for all children.

Remington is guiding its team of consultants including landscape architects tasked with designing secured outdoor play areas that will encourage natural play in a child-oriented environment. The playground will celebrate the natural landscape of Southern Alberta, and give children the opportunity to connect with nature while developing their creativity and coordination through play.

The Centre is anticipated to open in the Spring of 2016, and will soon be accepting applications for admission.

East View of Quarry Park Child Development Centre

East View

North View of Quarry Park Child Development Centre

North View

West View of Quarry Park Child Development Centre

West View

South View of Quarry Park Child Development Centre

South View